What is Xland?

Xland is an exploration-style GameFi (Game Finance) product based on blockchain technology. In this virtual ocean exploration world, players can obtain access to cryptocurrencies and rare resources through in-game activities. These permissions can be used to perform various transactions and enhance the gaming experience.

Players in the game can embark on oceanic adventures by acquiring different NFT (Non-Fungible Token) characters. They need to follow clues and hints on the map, search for targets, and face various challenges and dangers. All rewards are distributed in the form of cryptocurrencies, and this process is fully transparent and tamper-proof because all game data is recorded on the blockchain.

Xland not only provides the fun of adventure and exploration but also deeply integrates blockchain technology and digital asset knowledge. This game gives real value to in-game currency through blockchain technology, thereby increasing the game's longevity and player engagement. We firmly believe that Xland will become a milestone in the field of blockchain gaming.

Why Xland?

Diverse Gameplay

Xland features six different NFT character types, each with unique qualities, ranging from sailors to navigators. They differ in terms of star rating, quality, character level, and reward frequency. This provides players with diverse choices and challenges, increasing the game's replayability.

Free To Play

Upon entering the game, players receive 3600 GGP as initial capital, which can be used to acquire the Trainee Sailor character and start participating in the game. The Trainee allows players to engage in various daily tasks, including training missions, exploration missions, fleet formation, and fleet activities. Additionally, players can obtain fragments of higher-level characters through the sign-in system and invitation system. By continuously signing in and inviting friends to join the game, players can accumulate fragments and synthesize higher-level characters, expanding their character choices and abilities.

Professional Team

The team received early investments from Hong Kong Telecom and the Tonson Group, a well-known diversified investment company in Thailand.

Multi-Native Ecosystem

Xland aims to create an encrypted ecosystem centered around XlandChain. The application ecosystem includes GameFi, SocalFi, DeFi, AIFi, and Metaverse. The ecosystem tools include wallets, tokens, swaps, and NFTs.

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