2022 was the year of comprehensive advancement for the blockchain industry in Asia. As an international financial center, Hong Kong approved the trading of BTC and ETH ETF futures and officially legislated the application of digital currencies in Hong Kong. With the arrival of 2023, Hong Kong is attracting global Web3.0 and artificial intelligence projects and investment institutions, making it the largest international digital financial center in Asia with its influence spreading worldwide.

After experiencing the economic crisis of 2008, new technological and ideological revolutions are changing our way of life and activating new consumer market demands. The invention of smartphones has driven the development of Web2.0 technology, promoted the upgrading of the telecommunications industry, and facilitated the growth of new service industries, transforming the ways we shop, do logistics, make payments, engage in social activities, and entertain ourselves. The decentralized ideology, supported by numerous economists and anarchists through the invention of BTC, sees the application of decentralization in the global financial market as the ultimate solution to avoid plundering.

Now, we are gradually recovering from the economic crisis since the outbreak of the pandemic. The decentralized ideology, nurtured since 2008, has provided the theoretical foundation, and the ongoing global de-dollarization is the ultimate practice. The new technological revolution born out of this economic crisis will be represented by Web3.0 technology, which combines AI and blockchain, as a new productive force, bringing about new development prospects in various fields. This includes new application modes in gaming, social interaction, automotive industry, finance, e-commerce, payment systems, government affairs, and the establishment of intelligent, creative, and autonomous metaverse spaces. It will drive the development of industries such as XR, 5G, services, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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