Fleet Alliance

Naga, the water deity in legends, is said to bring good weather and bountiful harvests to devout followers. In Xland Land, an open-world encrypted universe, Naga has descended and established the Metaverse Dojo, attracting adventurers from all over the world to make pilgrimages. These devout explorers form the Xland Fleet Alliance, dedicated to protecting this sacred land.
To journey to Xland Land, adventurers need to form fleets, as the vast encrypted ocean is scattered with blessings bestowed by the water deity. By continuously improving their exploration levels, they gain higher combat power and participate in battles to obtain more rewards.
The Xland GameFi ecosystem is built on a DAO foundation and adopts a new team reward and upgrade model, revolutionizing the development curve and token burn logic of previous GameFi game ecosystems. This ecosystem has higher game stickiness and a more sustainable economic model, injecting new vitality into the game's longevity.
Last modified 5mo ago