Xland Whitepaper


Initial Stage

  • Establishment of Asia Blockchain WEB3.0 Labs
  • Establishment of the founding project team for Xland
  • Approval of the Xland project
  • Establishment of Xland DAO

Development Stage

  • Xland Beta Version
  • Xland Site Releasing
  • Completion of Xland Land
  • Development Global Community Construction

Community Development Stage

  • Launch of the community governance system
  • Partnership with Projects & Companies
  • UGC Campaign
  • Community Events

Expansion Stage

  • Launch of Xland Pocket
  • Release of the first edition of Xland NFT
  • Launch of Xland NFT Marketplace
  • Launch of Xland Swap

Public Chain Stage

  • Launch of Xland Chain mainnet
  • Introduction of the Xland DAO community mining plan
  • Promotion of ecological planning for Xland Meta
  • Support for ecological planning through the DAO VC fund established by ABC Labs
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