Xland DAO

Xland's community ecosystem builds an active ecosystem through the community contribution evaluation mechanism and reward rules of Xland DAO. The ecological crowdfunding rules of Xland DAO become the early reward distribution method for the community. Xland DAO-VC will generate profits through ecological investment and reward DAO members accordingly.

Xland Pocket

Xland Pocket is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that can store various digital currencies, cross-chain transactions of encrypted assets, NFT minting and storage, and is also an important tool for linking the Xland Crypto ecosystem to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Xland Chain

Xland Chain is the basic public chain of Xland ecosystem built on the Ethereum ecosystem. It uses the POS+POC consensus mechanism for mining. The mining quantity adopts a negative growth rule of proportional decreasing and gas fee burning.

Xland Swap

Xland Swap is divided into Xland Token Swap and Xland NFT Swap. Xland Token Swap adopts a DEX+CEX trading model. Xland NFT Swap does not charge any fees and adopts a royalty incentive mechanism to encourage NFT creators and NFT minters to participate in the ecological construction of NFTs.

Xland Token

Xland Token is the ecosystem token of Xland, which was initially obtained through DAO community rules and ecological incentives. After the mainnet of Xland Chain is launched, it will be obtained through mining as the native token.

Xland Meta

Xland Meta is an important part of the Xland ecosystem, led by ABC Labs to promote the landing of GameFi, SocialFi, NFT and other ecosystems on the Xland Chain mainnet. The Web3.0 governance mechanism provides corresponding reward mechanisms for all ecological builders.

Xland's ecosystem is an open ecosystem that will continuously enrich the ecosystem structure as per the community's needs. The above is the current basic ecological structure plan.

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