In XLand, when an individual account reaches Level 2 or higher, they can spend 100 XC to participate in fleet team formation.

Players participating in team formation must hold at least 1 NFT of a Captain or higher rank. Initially, each fleet can have a maximum of 5 recruiters, with an increase of 5 recruiters for each subsequent level.

Formation Rules

  1. All XLand users can use XC to participate in fleet voting.

  2. By voting for a fleet, its level can be increased, and the number of members in the fleet can be expanded. The XC used for voting will be converted into personal GGP points.

  3. Members of an XLand fleet can only vote for their own fleet, while non-members can vote for multiple node groups.

The data formula is as follows:

Exploration Mission


How to explore?

During the registration period, the fleet captain is responsible for registration, and only registered fleet members can participate in exploration missions.

Players select islands based on the number of characters and their levels within the fleet. If an island is fully explored, the fleet can move directly to the next island until the daily exploration limit is reached.

Each island allows one free exploration per day, and XC can be spent to increase the number of exploration attempts, up to a maximum of 10 attempts.

The XC costs are as follows:

Xland Land's islands have endurance points, with a total of 100 islands and a total endurance value of 210 million HP. The endurance points consumed during each exploration are equal to the total HP value of the recruiters' NFTs in the fleet.


HP = 2100 * 1.09491398528709^(No.)

In the exploration missions, fleet members will receive XP as rewards, and the quantity of rewards will be determined based on a ratio. Additionally, the recruiter who completes the final exploration on each island will receive a special NFT reward.

Fleet Mission Rewards

Team Ranking


  1. GGP Rewards are shared by fleet members;

  2. GGP Rewards comes from XC burning, the more XC burnt, the higher GGP rewards;

  3. The team ranking rewards are directly deposited into players accounts through the system calculation.

Individual Ranking


  1. Individual ranking is determined based on the personal damage inflicted during the fleet mission. The higher the damage a player deals, the higher their ranking will be.

  2. Players are responsible for claiming their individual rewards within the designated time frame. The system does not perform cumulative calculations or backups.

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