Xland features six types of characters, including Trainee, Sailor, Chief, Engineer, Captain and Voyager. Each character possesses unique qualities. From Trainee to Voyager, they differ in rarity, quality, character level, attributes, and reward opportunities. This provides players with diverse choices and challenges, while also enhancing the game's replayability.



Rarity: N, cannot be upgraded.

Level: 0-50

Reward Opportunities: 50

Acquisition: Upon entering the Xland ecosystem, players receive 3600 GGP, which can be used to level up the Trainee.

Story: Father used to say that real men conquer the sea, but the young Sailor can barely remember what his father looked like — thick beard and the scent of tobacco, those are the most vivid memories. Like many men from the village, his father never returned from a certain voyage. "Hurry up and get in there, you rascal!" accompanied by a coarse and gruff shout from outside the cave, followed by a pebble hitting the young Sailor's back. Shaken, he dared not look back. Tightening the belt around his waist, clutching the torch tightly in his hand, he continued to move forward into the cave. The flickering flame cast a long shadow of the young Sailor on the ground...


Rarity: S

Level: 0-100

Reward Opportunities: 100


  1. Fraction Combination: Sailor A can be obtained through the invitation mechanism, which involves inviting 5 players. Sailor B can be obtained through the check-in system, by consecutively checking in for 15 days.

  2. VIP system.

  3. Purchase from the auction house.

Story: The Sailor spent the last coin in his pocket and stumbled away from the noisy bar. He couldn't remember how long he had been sitting on that shiny, black stool. Pushing open the bar's door, the midday sun blinded him, causing dizziness. Face to face with a burly man about to enter, the sickly sweet smell of rum surged up from his stomach, and the Sailor let out a long belch. The burly man grabbed the Sailor's collar, ready to throw a punch, but then he caught sight of the red sea monster tattoo on the Sailor's left arm, and his clenched fist relaxed. "Sailor from the Victory," he muttered. "You better get going, you're setting sail again this afternoon!" ... The Sailor of the Victory, the only ship to have escaped an attack from the red sea monster.


Rarity: R

Level: 0-150

Rewards Opportunities: 150


  1. Fraction Combination: Chief A can be obtained through the invitation mechanism by inviting 10 players. Chief B requires inviting players who already possess the Sailor character, with at least 5 players meeting this requirement.

  2. VIP system.

  3. Purchase from the auction house.

Story: The Chief placed his cards on the table, clasping them with one hand, and tossed two coins to the dealer before collecting all the coins and gems from the pot, stuffing them into his pocket. He then turned and left. The table was left with four sweating and stunned gamblers who hadn't won a single hand against him. Tomorrow, they would set sail, and tonight, the Chief wanted to spend it in the cabin. Even on the rocking and crowded ship, the Chief's bedsheet remained white and neatly arranged. Resting his head on the waves a night early was to adapt more quickly to the upcoming long voyage. In the Chief's family's nautical chart, that area was the last patch of fog... However, the most recent update to this chart was 100 years ago.


Rarity: SR

Level: 0-200

Reward Opportunities: 200


  1. Fraction Combination: Engineer A can be obtained through the invitation mechanism by inviting 20 players. Engineer B requires inviting players who already possess the Chief character, with at least 4 players meeting this requirement.

  2. VIP system.

  3. Purchase from the auction house.

Story: Women are considered unlucky on long voyages. Eight months ago, if the Engineer wasn't the Governor's daughter, the sailors would have thrown her overboard to feed the fishes. Three months ago, even as the Governor's daughter, the sailors clamored to throw the Engineer into the sea to appease the menacing red sea monster before their eyes. Tentacles as thick as a barrel and as long as the mainmast crushed the ship ahead of the Victory within a short distance. After docking, the sailors, still trembling with fear, demonstrated with exaggerated gestures: "The Chief, yes, the Chief! With a golden gun in hand, from such a distance, shattered the eye of the red sea monster!"


Rarity: SSR

Level: 0-250

Reward Opportunities: 250


  1. Fraction Combination: Captain A can be obtained through the invitation mechanism by inviting 50 players. Captain B requires inviting players who already possess the Engineer character, with at least 3 players meeting this requirement.

  2. VIP system.

  3. Purchase from the auction house.

Story: The people on the ship had never seen the Captain set foot on land, and this time in port was no exception. With the docking, fresh vegetables and meats appeared on the dining table, along with newly delivered wine. Thirty years ago, when the Captain was still a sailor, the food and wine on the table would be consumed in an instant. Just after bidding farewell to the green-clad visitor who came on board, the Captain fell into contemplation—should he go ashore again? The Captain cast his gaze towards the deep sea beyond the ship's hull. People came and went on the Victory, but the Captain always remained the Captain! Hmm... this wine is really good!


Rarity: UR

Level: 0-300

Reward Opportunities: 300


  1. Fraction Combination: Voyager A can be obtained through the invitation mechanism by inviting 100 players. Voyager B requires inviting players who already possess the Captain character, with at least 2 players meeting this requirement.

  2. VIP system.

  3. Purchase from the auction house.

Story: While someone rules the land, it is inevitable that someone will rule the oceans. The sea may be blue, but the Voyager prefers to don a green robe. No one questions the Voyager's dominion over the sea. Through the lens of a telescope, the Voyager's gaze seems to penetrate the final veil of mist. What lies beyond that mist? Only the Voyager knows!


In the XLand ecosystem, players can enhance their attributes and earnings by nurturing characters. Character nurturing consists of two parts: character leveling and character upgrading. Leveling up requires consuming GGP, while advancing the character's tier requires consuming characters of the same tier.


Leveling up characters will increase their HP and account resources. Account resources provide a percentage bonus to HP during character exploration, and each level gained grants 1 account resource. Different characters have different level caps, and the cost of leveling up gradually increases.

Here are the details:


For every 50 levels, characters can be upgraded by consuming an character of the same tier and name, unlocking higher level caps and increasing HP values. Upgrading also improves the quality of the character.The upgrading relationship between different qualities is as follows:

By continuously leveling up and upgrading characters, players can increase their level and quality, thus obtaining higher attributes and earning capabilities to acquire more rewards.

Upgrade Tips:

  1. The Lv.0 Character can combine the same grade character to upgrade;

  2. Upgrade is not equal to leveling-up, upgrading works to increase the cap for leveling-up;

  3. The character reaching the level cap must increase the level cap through upgrading;

  4. Different characters have different grade cap, the details can be checked in CHARACTER.

Account Resource Leveling

In the XLand Alliance, players can increase their rarity by consuming XP. Increasing the rarity grants corresponding account resources, which can increase the percentage of HP for characters.

Formula for Account Resource and HP Percentage Buff

HP% = (1 + (Account Resource - 1)^1.01) * 1.01%

Leveling up the star requires consuming XP, and the success probability of star leveling-up is rewarded based on the growth of star levels.

Here are the details of the consumption and probability for leveling up at different star ratings:

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