1.What is Xland?

It's an exploration-based gamefi on blockchain.

2.What is the background of Xland?

Xland received initial funding from Hong Kong Telecom PCCW and Tonson Group. Tonson Group is a renowned diversified investment company based in Thailand.

3.How to obtain "Trainee" NFT?

New members receive it upon registration.

4.What are the differences and limitations of NFT characters?

NFT characters have levels, qualities, and levels. Acquisition methods, rewards, and holdings vary.

5.What is XP?

XP is an in-game currency. Players can purchase XP or earn it by completing daily tasks for NFT level up.

6.What is GGP?

GGP is a character upgrade point that can be obtained through various means, such as receiving a portion of XC withdrawal fees and inviting users. Obtaining a certain amount of GGP can increase the character level and corresponding HP base value.

7.What are the character qualities S, R, SR, SSR, UR? How do they level up?

Character qualities S, R, SR, SSR, and UR represent different tiers. To level up, a character NFT needs to reach certain level milestones. Each tier upgrade requires consuming same-name NFTs for combination and increases the NFT's HP base value. The progression is as follows: S(2N), R (2S), SR (2R), SSR(2SR), and UR(2*SSR).

8.Can NFTs with different qualities be upgraded?

No, only same-quality NFTs can be upgraded.

9.What is "Experience" and what are its gameplay features?

"Experience" is a property of Xland character upgrades that can be obtained by increasing the character star level. It can improve the corresponding percentage of HP. "Experience" can be obtained by consuming XP and increasing star level at the same time. Its function is to increase the character's health, thereby improving the character's combat effectiveness.

10.What is the probability of NFT upgrades?

"Different NFTs have varying upgrade probabilities and maximum endurance limits:

Sailor (Lv 1): 100% upgrade probability, maximum endurance of 50. Chief (Lv 2): 50% upgrade probability, maximum endurance of 100. Engineer (Lv 3): 34% upgrade probability, maximum endurance of 150. Captain (Lv 4): 25% upgrade probability, maximum endurance of 100. Voyager (Lv 5): 20% upgrade probability, maximum endurance of 250."

11.What is the total amount of XP?

The total amount of XP is 1 million, which can be obtained within the node reward pool. Completing tasks each day can earn corresponding XP rewards, and the consumed XP will be reused in the reward pool. If the daily XP allocation is exhausted, no further XP rewards can be obtained. Unused XP will be rewarded with corresponding DAO ecological reward

12.What are the NFT reward rules?

Last expedition organizer on each island receives NFT reward.

13.What are the GGP reward rules?

Distributed based on XC conversion.

14.What is DAO ecological reward?

XC tokens.

15.What are the requirements to join fleet?

To join fleet the player account must be at least level 2, burn 100 XC, and has a Captain NFT..

16.How to use XC for fleet voting?

Adventurers can use XC to participate in fleet voting, increase fleet level and personal score.

17.What are the limits of island exploration ?

Free once daily, up to 10 times with XC.

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